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Dayuse.com is an app designed for travelers who need a hotel room for a few hours, not overnight. As a travel writer, I constantly fly to different destinations. There are instances when I must check out of my lodging hours before my scheduled flight. Or I might arrange to have a long layover to explore a new city before boarding my plane. The option to use Dayuse becomes a perfect solution. By downloading the app and filling out a simple profile, you can pop on to see if there are hotels in the city of your choice offering mini stays for a few hours. The hotel’s amenities are included at many of these locations and could consist of pools, beach access, spas, gyms, and more. Dayuse patrons are hotel guests; the difference is you are only borrowing the room for a short period. It’s a brilliant idea for the hotel chains and Dayuse guests. The hotels fill empty rooms and offer a relaxing respite for weary travelers. 

In January, I visited Sarasota, Florida, to escape the snow and cold in the Northeast. I rented an Airbnb for the month. While it was a lovely property, it wasn’t located close to the vibrant downtown in Sarasota. I didn’t have access to a pool or gym, either. I was interested in getting a workout, taking a swim, and shopping in downtown Sarasota’s fantastic boutiques.

I looked on the Dayuse app and selected a few filters to pinpoint what I was after. The filters included my desired location, timeframe, and price limit. I discovered a four-star hotel offering an afternoon stay where I wanted to spend the day. I chose the Sarasota Modern for the amenities, the location, and to meet my friend to enjoy the lobby restaurant and bar for drinks and an early dinner.

I called a ride-sharing service and hopped out in front of the Sarasota Modern. After dropping my bag in my room, I checked in and went straight to the gym. The gym had state-of-the-art cardio equipment, which included treadmills and step machines. I also used the free weights for a full-body workout. 

Afterward, I went to my room to change into my bathing suit. It started raining when I was in the gym, but thankfully the rain stopped when I slid into the heated pool. I was disappointed that there was no sun to entice me to linger on the lounge chairs. I swam laps and enjoyed the water, but it started raining again, so I jumped out.

Back in my room, I took a shower and indulged in all the luxury products the hotel provided, such as shampoo, shower gel, and lotion precisely prepared for the Sarasota Modern. I dressed and walked downtown to shop at some of the trendy boutiques on Main Street. 

I returned to meet my girlfriend in time for happy hour at the bar. The happy hour was terrific, and we enjoyed glasses of incredible top-shelf wine for half the price. We decided on a small plate to share, and I ordered a delicious chicken Caesar salad from the late afternoon menu. We would’ve enjoyed our drinks outdoors if the weather cooperated, but they brought the Pool Bar menu indoors due to the rain. 

After dinner, we returned to my room to relax and catch up. We each lounged on our queen-sized beds and streamed a show we both love on Netflix. Sadly, my time at the hotel ended, and it was time to check out.

I loved being able to rent a luxury room for the afternoon. I enjoyed the opportunity to work out in the gym. Still, I was disappointed that the weather didn’t cooperate for my pool day. I chose not to use the complimentary bikes and strolled into town, instead. I’d envisioned hanging by the pool relaxing in the sunshine, but mother nature had other plans. If I had been a guest for a few more days, perhaps I would’ve had the time to use more amenities like the spa, but I reserved the room for eight hours and ran out of time.

I was surprised by the gorgeous accommodations, the fluffy robe, towels, and products. I was also surprised that I felt the need to use my time wisely and fit in as much as possible, which didn’t feel as relaxing as I had hoped. I liked being so close to downtown and had fun meeting my friend in the trendy lobby bar. I found the mid-afternoon menu to have delicious food options — and half-priced happy hour drink prices. That was a pleasant surprise for my friend and me because we spent less on drinks and food than expected. 

I knew what I wanted from my afternoon stay. Be sure to utilize the filter option in the app to pick the type of hotel and read the description of amenities you can use as a short-term guest. Many hotels have reasonable rates (depending on city and location). I selected a four-star hotel with a pool and gym, so the price point was higher, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to use hotels on Dayuse.

I would use Dayuse in the future when I travel, selecting a property close to the airport. I’d appreciate having a room to get work done or relax instead of camping out in the airport for hours. Also, check the amenities you’d like to use and pick ones that mean the most to you. Remember, you might not be able to use them all. I felt compelled to use as many as possible, which made me watch the clock. 

Lastly, check the weather if you want to use outdoor offerings. I wish I had chosen a different day to use the outdoor pool so I could’ve enjoyed the lounge chairs. Next time, I’ll make sure to do this before booking a mini stay using Dayuse. All in all, I had a great time using this unique service.

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