10ml eye drops filling and capping line

One full line for  10ml eyedrop                 Capacity: 3600bph@10ml 3000bph@15mlBottle volume: 10ml, one sizePump Valid filling range: 5~20ml System consist of full eyedrops filling lineFilling grade: aseptic filling

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One full line for  10ml eyedrop                 

    Capacity: 3600bph@10ml 3000bph@15mlBottle volume: 10ml, one sizePump Valid filling range: 5~20ml System consist of full eyedrops filling lineFilling grade: aseptic filling Plug/cap used: one size for all bottle sizes
    LP-120 automatic bottle Unscrambler

This machine is suitable to unscramble general round and flat plastic bottle, such as eyedrop bottle, syrup bottle etc. and other bottle type can be customized in this machine system. It is able to unscramble disorder bottle to stand right side onto the conveyor. All contact parts is made of SS304, accordance with GMP regulation.
Main technical parameter:
    Applied to: round, flat and other irregular shapeSuit to bottle size: Φ20~50mmProduction capacity: 2400-6000bottles/h (according to bottle size)Yield of arranging:≥99%Power supply: 220v 50/60HzPower consumption: 0.5KWAir consumption: 8M3/hr  0.4~0.6MPaNet weight: approx. 300kgOverall dimension: L*W*H= 900*900*1200mm
    Instead of hand work, saving labor and sanitary.  Advanced design, compact structure, and low power cost.High effective of bottle unscrambling, applicable in various small bottle type and size. Frequency conversion speed control, auto run/stop in kit line.The whole machine is designed according to the GMP regulation.
Key Components of LP-120 Automatic Unscrambler
1PowerS-35-24 AC220V-DC24V1Taiwan MW
3Vibrating ControllerSDVC31-M1CUH
5AC ContactorLC1D0910 AC220V1Schneider
6Mini RelayRXM4LB2BD5Schneider
7Timing RelayJSZ3A-B DC24V4Delixi CH
8Key knobZB2-BE101C1Schneider
9Emergency buttonZB2-BE102C1Schneider
10Start ButtonZB2-BE101C1Schneider
11Stop ButtonZB2-BE102C1Schneider
12Power LampXB2-BVM4LC AC220V1Schneider
14Photo sensorBRP400-DDT2Korea Autonics
15Motor of starwheelNCV181CHINA
    DXYG2/1/1 Eyedrop Filling Plugging &Capping Machine

General Features:
Eyedrop filling, plugging & capping machine for the application of round eyedrop bottle or similar ones, auto accomplish product filling (servo system), plug &cap place, cap screw-on. The machine is composed by a conveyor, ceramic piston pump (alternative SS pump or peristaltic pump) &fill nozzles, plug &cap sorter, Plug &cap placer, cap screw-on system. It is designed and made accordance to GMP regulation.
Technical Features:
Kind of bottleVarious kind, e.g. round, flat, oval
Bottle size*Min. Ø 20mm   Max. Ø35mm
Speed 60bpm@10ml
Filling volume*5~20ml 
Filling accuracy±2%
Power* 220V 50/60Hz 2.5kw
Compress air require50L/min, 4~6bar
Machine size mmLength 1500, width 1300, height 1800
Machine weight: 800kgs
* Other sizes on request

Function and Technical Standard:
    Length: 2440mmTop chain belt material: POMChain belt width: 82.5mm
Liquid buffer tank
    Volume: 20LInstalled auto liquid feed valveUpper/lower level controllerLiquid pipe dispenser
Ceramic Piston Pump*
&fill nozzles
    Servo system filling, quick change the volume in HMIVolume: 2~10mlMaterial of contact: ceramicCeramic has long life usage, no wearing part, special for injection liquid and eyedropOther contact is SS316 fill nozzles and sanitary tubing
Plug &cap sorter
    Vibrator type plug &cap unscramblingVibrator type plug &cap chute, ensure smooth feedVibrator and chute mounted in same table, adjusted feeding height at same time
Plug &cap placer
    Pick and place for both plug and cap, in case of inaccurate place to mouth by plugs overlappingNeck clamping claw to position plug accuratelyhigh efficiency pick and place system,  which is running synchronously with main drive
Screw-on capper
    Servo system driving, display the capping torque in HMIOverload protection reduce scratch on mouth and capAdjustable torque: 10~25NMBottle clamper ensure cap screw on well Auto reject cap prevent binding to the capping mouth
PLC controller
    HMI+PLC: French SchneiderAuto count production output No bottle no filling No bottle no plug placeNo plug no cap placeAuto stop machine on index wheel overload
Machine frame
    Frame in carbon steel with antirust coat profileSS304 sheet covering
Optional parts:
    Acrylic Safeguard hood(option)Laminar flow unit: class 100(option)N2 pre-fill and after-fill adaptor
    Manual book:           1copyQualification certificate:  1originalTool kit:                1unitSpare and wearing parts:
+capper rubber 30x30cmx1unit
+eye sensor 1unit    +Proximity switch 1unit
+relay 1unit  
+check valve "O" ring Φ16X2.65mm 8pcs, Φ7.6X2.65mm 8pcs
Key Components of DXYG2/1/1 eye drop liquid filling machine
No.Item Model Origin Quantity
1Ceramic piston pump 10ml China 2
2Capping motor5IK90GN-CFShanghai OUTE1
3Conveyor motor 6IK140RGN-CFShanghai OUTE1
4PLCTM218LDA16DRNFrench Schneider1
5Touch ScreenHMIGX03501French Schneider1
6InverterATV12HU15M2French Schneider1
7Optical fiber sensorBF3RX-FD-620-10Korea Autonics 2
8Proximity SwitchIBT18-S05NA-D3Y2China PUBANG6
9ContactorLC1-D0910French Schneider1
10RelayNY4NJJapan Omron 4
11Air switch OSMC32N1C10French Schneider2
12SMPSS-50-24Taiwan MW1
13Main motorQABPABB1
14Other Pneumatic elements Taiwan Airtac10
FFU (A class laminar cover): 

              • All Stainless Steel Construction to meet the GMP Standard

• Cleanliness: CLASS A
• Air speed: 0.36~0.54m/second
• DOP/PAO port installed
• HEPA: H14, 99.995%~99.999%,0.3u
• Variable Speed Control for motor
• FFU construction: SS304
• LED and UV light included

Dimensions & Weight
              • Machine dimension (L x W x H):  LxWx620mm (L, W=Safeguard Hood LW)
              • Main Machine weight: approx.120kg/m2

Power Source
        • AC380V, 50Hz, 3Phase

    DJ light inspection

 This machine is for inspection and visual measurement of the transparent bottle. It finds the wide application in pharmaceutical, food, chemistry, farm chemical industries. The machine is equipped with non-flash power supply lamp and semi-transparent lamp box. With bottle conveying belt, it is convenient for combining with other equipment as combination production line. The duplex operation or multi operation can be used according to the customers' requirement.

Main technical parameter:
    Production capacity: 50- 150 bottles/minPower supply: 220V  50HzTotal power rate: 0.2 KwNet weight: 100kgDimension: 1200×800×1600mm

Fittings of DJ light checking machine
No. ItemModel Origin Quantity
1Mini electric relay Omron 1
2Power switch 24V*1.5AMingwei(Taiwan)1
3Stainless steel 304 Posco(korea) 
4Conveyor motor 90YY60Zhongda 1
5Button  Delixi(joint-stock)2
6 Main circuit plate  Weilong  
7Conveyor organ  Weilong 1
8Conveyor speed controller Shanghai 1
    SMT-A Adhesive Label Wrap-Around Machine

General Features:
Automatic labeling machine for the application of labels on round bottle. The machine is composed by a conveyor, one of label adaptor and one of label applicator. In case of wrap around label application a side conveyor is installed. There is also the possibility to install a hot stamping unit, print expiry date, batch code etc. The bottle loading/unloading can be done manually, through loading/unloading turntable (alternative Ø620mm or Ø900mm) or directly from an production line.

Technical Features:
Kind of bottleRound
Bottle size*Min. Ø 20mm   Max. Ø120mm
Speed Step motor
SMT-A: 15m/min
Servo motor
SMT-B: 25m/min
Label sizeLength: 30~200mm   Width: 20~90mm
Label roll size*Internal dia. Ø 76mm
External dia. Ø 300mm
Power* 220V 50/60Hz 1.0kw
Machine size mmLength 2000, width 900, height 1500
Machine weight: 400kgs
* Other sizes on request
Function and Technical Standard:
    Length: 2000mmTop chain belt material: POMConveyor profile:  SS304Belt width: 82mm, 114mmDriven by: Induction motor Speed regulate: Frequency Inverter
Label adaptor
    Motor type: step motorLabel roll size*: Internal dia. Ø 76mm
External dia. Ø 300mm
    Location for hot printer
Label applicator
    Wrap-around Belt material: Sponge, rubber Press plate: sponge
PLC controller
    HMI+PLC: Taiwan Delta Auto count production output Label feeding testLabel feed delay in HMI, no need re-locate bottle sensor after change other bottle size No bottle no label Auto alarm when abnormal happen
Hot printer(option)
    Copper letter seat: 3 linesLetter Size:  1.5x2.0mm  2.0x3.0mm
Letter type:  0~9 MFGBTHLOEXP 5pcs/each
    25mmx100m Ink ribbon: 2pcs Temperature controller
Machine frame
    Frame in modular aluminum profile
    Manually load/unload bottle through loading/unloading turntableAlternative size: Ø620mm, Ø900mm
    Manual book:           1copyQualification certificate:  1original Tool kit:                 1unitSpare and wearing parts:
28.1 Synchronous belt: 2units
28.2 "O" ring belt:     1unit 

Key Components of SMT-A:
1HMIDVP-14SS211TTaiwan Delta1
2PLCDOP-B07S411Taiwan Delta1
3InverterVFD002L21ATaiwan Delta1
4SMPSPMC-24V035W1AATaiwan Delta1
5Label sensorGS61/6.2Germany LEUZE1
6Fiber AmplifierFS-N18NJapan Keyence1
7Optic Fiber sensorFU-35FAJapan Keyence1
8Step motor85BGYH4CShenzhen YAKO1
9Motor driverSMD2P4L-8AShenzhen YAKO1
10Extension moduleJBK100/55V(Cu)DONGKONG1
11Conveyor driver0.12KW, 1:20Zhejiang JLEM1
12Label roll motor5IK60GN-S/5GN 10KShanghai Orient1
13Bottle separated motor31K15RGN-C/3GN30KShanghai Orient1
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Q1:Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A1: We are manufacturer with own factory and exporting department.


Q2: What's the lead time of your machine?

A2: Normally it's about 30~45 working days.


Q3: What's the payment terms?

A3: 30% deposit TT, 70% paid before shipment; or L/C, Western Union.


Q4: Can we check machine before order?

A4: Yes, welcome to visit our factory and check machine anytime.


Q5: Is it difficult to install the machine ?

Q5: For standard small machines, the machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to you to be a complete machine; you just need to connect power and compressed air to machine, then begin to operate the machine.

For large size machines, we will take the machine apart, on condition that we do our best to keep the machine easy to assembly.

You will get videos and instructions about installation of machine from us.


Q6: Does the machine power voltage meet buyers' factory power source?

A6: We can do it as your request.

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