15000bph (500ml) Mineral Water Blower-Filling-Capping

Water Filling Machine/Blower-Filler-Capper Combiblock/PET Bottle Combi General description \\:High-speed rotary filling PET bottles blow-filling-capping Combi-block is based on "high-speed blow molding machine unit ", " high-speed filling machine unit "and " high speed capping machine unit " ,e

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Water Filling Machine/Blower-Filler-Capper Combiblock/PET Bottle Combi 

General description \:

High-speed rotary filling PET bottles blow-filling-capping Combi-block is based on "high-speed blow molding machine unit ", " high-speed filling machine unit "and " high speed capping machine unit " ,equipped with control system and on-line detection system. Through the optical, mechanical, electricity, gas, liquid and other disciplines comprehensive application with image recognition technology , the application of synchronous servo control system , allowing customers to achieve the integration of multiple unit control and production equipment , achieve the production line scientific layout , seamless and integrated control , improve the entire line of production efficiency, reduce investment costs, reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs of the integrated production capabilities.
Performance and Advantage:
  1. PET bottle blowing rotary filling control technology integration, and synchronization;
  2. High-speed preform heating system design and optimization of energy-saving control technology;
  3. High-speed blow molding system miniaturization and optimization of mold design technology;
  4. Reasonable cam curve design in order to improve the quality and stability of the blowing;
  5. High speed and accurate filling speed control and precise level control technology;
  6. High-speed rotary seal synchronous control technology;
  7. PET bottle blowing rotary filling fast image recognition quality detection technology;
  8. Energy saving and noise reduction technology;
  9. Space and water saving;
Working step:

Preform--------Preform elevator----------- Blow moulding-----------------------Filling------------------------- Capping
a. Blow moulding part:
Automatic Preform Unscrambler:
1) Base taking, base feeding, bottle taking and bottle arranging fully are automatically completed with manipulator for avoiding middle pollution.
2) The design of the recycling unit prevents the preform from getting bound up in the unscrambler.
3) The star wheel design of the feeding unit provides the lowest possible changeover times for switching to different perform sizes.
Linear Heating Oven:
1) A mandrel capable of turning 180 degrees guarantees uniform neck section during the heating. A unique oven ventilation system enables the blowing system to handle various difficult applications easily.
2) Water cooling plate: cooling bottle neck is to avoid neck deformation during heating.
3) Infrared heat lamps:
i). Lamp unit is individually adjustable;
ii). Lamp gripper is adjustable as angle changes;
iii). Lamp rod is adjustable in length, which is good for bottom heating;
Advantage of Rotary Automatic Stretch-Blow Molding Machine
1) With SIMENS PLC controlling system to ensure high precision and fast speed;
2) High eligible rate: above 99.7%;
3) Molds and Mold Carriers.
The mold carrier with a shell blow mold design; this reduces the changeover time for different blow molds. The Mold carriers accommodate all shell type molds from conventional blow molding machines, this saves time and expense for bottle producer. Moreover, the reliable quick locking system maximizes the performance of the mold carriers.
Blowing Station
A changeable cam for the stretching curve guider guarantees the form quality for different bottle size. Monobloc blowing valves achieve the fastest and most consistent blowing process possible. Bottle necks are protected during blowing stage by a specially designed sealing unit.

b. Filling part:
We introduce into high precision filling technology for the filling machine, and design & manufacture by ourselves with constant filling principle.
Filling valve adopts constant pressure gravity type, filling fast and high accuracy of filling liquid level. It is adopted double guide rod structure.
The main drive adopts gear drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long life, easy maintenance, sufficient lubrication, grease can lubricate centralizing automatically, adopts transducer to the speed of main motor to control, the machine adopts step-less frequency conversion timing. The material for the whole platform and frame is carbon steel with stainless steel outside.
The machine is automatically controlled by PLC, fault on line display, like bottle block, cap shortage etc.
The key parts and electric elements of the machine are adopt import products.

c. Capping parts:
The capping rotates through reduction box drive rotational wheel, which make the cap leave the hopper with the function of centrifugal force. There is a separation device for right cap and reverse cap at the entrance, when the reverse cap passes, the cap automatically fall into and return to pipeline, and blow the reverse cap automatically to hopper through wind power. Only right cap could enter into skids smoothly, the volume of cap inside of hopper will be automatic inspected by electric switch to control cap conveyor, and that ensures best effect of cap down. When the right cap enters into the slide way, it could smoothly enter into cap feed plate, to prevent accidents, there is an anti reverse cap drive plate device to match with slide way, to ensure that the access to the cap feed plate is correct. The slide way is also equipped with a pair of photoelectric switch, when testing no cap, then an immediate halt to the host. In order to effectively remove non-anti-theft ring bad caps and cleanup additional caps in hopper, there is an active exit in front of the hopper exit can meet this function.
Main partsBrandRemark
PLC systemSIMENSFrom Germany
InverterDanfossFrom Denmark
Touch ScreenSIMENSFrom Germany
Main motorSEWFrom Germany
Pneumatic partFESTO/CAMMOZIFrom Germany
Power AdjustorCarlo GavazziFrom Switzerland
SensorCarlo GavazziFrom Switzerland
Blow valveEugen SaitzFrom Switzerland
Gas & liquid seal ringTrellebory Quad-ringFrom USA
Button & SwitchSCHNEIDERFrance
Proximity switchTURCKFrom Germany

Technical parameters:
ModelBGN 10-32-10
Number of Working PositionsBlowing 10, Filling 32, Capping 10
Rated Capacity18000BPH(600ml)/10000BPH(1.5L)
Filling MethodGravity Filling
Applicable BottlePET Bottle, Diameter 50-92mm, Height 150-320mm
Applicable CapNormal Standard Cap
Installed Power180KW
Dimensions14000mm×7250mm×3000mm (L×W×H)
Machine Weight24T

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