One-step reagent diagnostic antibody Igm/Igg rapid detection kit

The product has passed the NMPA(China National Medical Products Administraction) authority certification.Basic Info.ProductIgM/IgG Antibody Test Kit Storage Temperature2~30ºCPackageCarton PackageShelf Life18 months    Package Spec.20 tests/kitPackage Size31*19.5*42.5cmOriginChinaCertificationCE/TGAL

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The product has passed the NMPA(China National Medical Products Administraction) authority certification.

Basic Info.

ProductIgM/IgG Antibody Test Kit
Storage Temperature2~30ºC
PackageCarton PackageShelf Life18 months
Package Spec.20 tests/kitPackage Size31*19.5*42.5cm
Lead Time3~5 working daysPortShenzhen

One Step Reagent Diagnostic Antibody Igm/Igg Rapid Test Kit

[Product Name] IgM/IgG Antibody Test Kit

[Test Principle]
This kit applies the principle of GICA to qualitatively detect the  IgM and IgG antibody in human serum, plasma or whole blood. Take the test specimen and add it to the specimen well of the test paper, and then add 2 drops of specimen diluent. The IgM/IgG antibody in the specimen binds to the colloidal gold-labeled recombined antigen on the binding pad to form a complex, which diffuses forward along the nitrocellulose membrane (NC membrane) under chromatography. Then, it binds to an anti-human IgM/IgG antibody fixed on the NC membrane test line (M/G line) to form a purple-red band, showing the IgM/IgG antibody. The deeper the color of the band on the M/G line, the higher the concentration of the  IgM/IgG antibody in the specimen will be. To monitor the effectiveness of the test card, a quality control line (C line) is set. Regardless of whether there is a M/G line, the C line shall show color development, or the test result will be judged as invalid.
One Step Rapid Diagnostic Antibody Igm Igg Test Kit

For in vitro diagnostic use only. For professional use only
Intended for useThis kit is used for the qualitative detection of SARS-C0V-2 IgM/IgG antibody in human serum, plasma or whole blood (include finger) in vitro.
Secimens Typehuman serum, plasma and whole blood
ComponentsIgM/IgG Antibody test strip, Specimen diluent(3.0ml/kit)
Clinical performancesensitivity : 93.06%
specificity : 98.25%
accuracy : 94.35%
Package Spec.20 tests/kit(10 kits/case)

[Test Principle]

By multiplex PCR-fluorescent probe technology, combined with fast one-step RT-PCR technology, the kit uses  ORF1ab and the specific conserved sequence of nucleocapsid protein N gene as target regions. With the designed dual-target gene detection primer probe, the kit works with a high-efficiency RT-PCR reaction system for detection. After the end of the reaction, the results will be determined through analysis of the cycle threshold (Ct) of each channel. Moreover, the kit is designed with human housekeeping gene RNaseP for monitoring sampling, extraction,specimen addition, amplification and other related processes as an internal standard to effectively prevent false positive and false negative results, so as to ensure the specificity and accuracy of the test results.

[Storage Conditions and Validity]
The kit shall be stored at 4~30ºC and is valid for 12 months. After unpacking the aluminum foil bag, please use it as soon as possible.

[Specimen Requirements]
1. It is suitable for specimens of human serum, plasma and whole blood; EDTA, heparin sodium and sodium citrate anticoagulant are recommended for plasma/whole blood.
2. Specimens shall be used as soon as possible after collection; if not used immediately, serum/plasma specimens can be stored at 2-8°C for 5 days; if long-term storage is required, they shall be stored at -20°C; and whole blood specimens shall be stored at 2-8°C to avoid hemolysis.
3. Do not use the specimen that contains a large amount of lipids, or any hemolytic or turbid, or the result determination may be affected.

One Step Reagent Diagnostic Antibody Igm/Igg Rapid Test Kit
One Step Reagent Diagnostic Antibody Igm/Igg Rapid Test Kit
One Step Reagent Diagnostic Antibody Igm/Igg Rapid Test Kit

[Test Steps]
Please read the Instructions for the kit carefully before use.
1. Take the test specimen and required reagents out of the storage environment and equilibrate them to room temperature;
2. Unpack the aluminum foil bag, take out the test card, and place it on a horizontal table;
3. 10μL serum,plasma samples or 15μL whole blood samples, add it vertically to the specimen well of the test card, and immediately add 2 drops (about 60μL) or add 60μL of specimen diluent with a pipette;
4. Start timing, and determine the result within 15min.


[Limitations of the Test Method]
The test resultshall be determined within 15min after the specimenis added, or the result will be invalid.

[Interpretation of Test Results]
One Step Rapid Diagnostic Antibody Igm Igg Test Kit


1. This kit is intended for in vitro diagnosis use only.
2.Before use, please equilibrate the specimens and related reagents at room temperature. To prevent the test card from being affected with damp, please use it within 30min after unpacked.
3.Do not use any specimen diluent not matched with this reagent.
4. When adding the specimen with a dropper, discard the first dropor two drops of the specimensolution, and then add the specimen vertically to avoid air bubbles at thespecimen adding end.


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